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I wanted to focus on not just who i am or how i want to be seen , i want to represent how I feel I am seen by people around me , I feel people dont always see me for who I really am and how hard i try to be seen.


I wanted to create a dream like image that captured no expressions.In researching i found images of over exposed photography where shots were obsured by a light source i really liked the feel to this images and experimented alot with different light sources.


Although this image appears very similar to the on before the technique is differ­ent, its still an over exposed shot only dif­ference is I took this image in my room at home and as i didnt have a strong enough light source i used am mirror. I pointed the camera straight into the mirror with a reflection of myself with the flash on and what happened was the flash was doubled as the flash bounced of the surface of the mirror and created the look i was try­ing to achieve .

  • Skill Set: Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Copy: CHK – Netil House E8 3RL
  • Date: April 2011
  • Client: Netil House
  • Role: Graphic Designer (Intern)


Service Needed

  • Photography
  • Concept Generation

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