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LSAD Graduate Show 2012

LSAD Graduate Show 2012

Limerick School of Art, each year have a in house competition to design the Graduate Show.This year, these designs have been chosen to represent and promote the entire LSAD Graduate Show 2012, from posters, invites and website, to catalogues and large scale vinyls. The main concept behind the visuals is to promote the college as a whole, while having no bias towards any of the seven different disciplines. The overall visual style is created through using a strict grid, along with our unique suite of icons.

Each discipline has four unique icons that signifies its coonnection to the subject, as we were exploring this idea we came to the conclusion that each designer/student works in specfic way but that with certain projects, the disciplines overlaped, resulting in use thinking that yes there are 4 unique icons to each discipline but that these boundaries are often broken depending on the project at had, for example, studing graphic design I often found myself looking towards the sewing room to stich a book resulting in me crossing into the fashion discipline. This observation helped us create a coded system throughtout the catalogue, we conveyed this message by the use of colour to highlight the unique icons to each, semi highlight the icons that overlaped and dull the icons that existed in each other discipline that where available to each student if they wished.

Skill Set: Illustrator, InDesign

Copy: Limerck School of Art & Design

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